A Roadmap for a National Training Centre on Multidimensional Digital Media in the Arts and Humanities

Lead Research Organisation: University of Brighton
Department Name: Sch of Computing, Engineering & Maths


This proposal aims to develop a roadmap to bring up to speed the data literacy skills of Arts and Humanities researchers when working with multidimensional (2D/3D) media datasets in the course of research. Data literacy is a key skill both within research and professional practice as it allows to exploit the full potential of the data collected through primary and secondary sources of research. Our evidence suggests that fewer than 10% of the arts and humanities community are currently trained on using, managing, linking and providing access to multidimensional data, including born-digital data (i.e. produced via modelling software tools) and data produced by digitisation processes, such as 2D photographic images (within and beyond the visible spectrum), 360 photography and video, 3D digital surrogate models, as well as interactive digital environments for Virtual Reality and Augmented/Mixed Reality. Our approach will be interdisciplinary to co-develop a strategy and roadmap to create a sustainable National Training Centre which promotes the development and delivery of multidimensional (2D/3D) media data literacy in the Arts and Humanities underpinned by innovative digital technologies, tools as well as open science practices. The physical location for this pilot activity in the South East of the UK will capitalise on its easy access to the digital creative industries, GLAM institutions, and universities which will allow designing approaches to reinforce researchers' data literacy and practical skills while strengthening their employability skills beyond academic career paths. The project outcomes include mapping of user needs, an open hybrid training framework which is piloted through teaching and learning activities (e.g. summer school, industrial placements, data+art residencies), and a roadmap for a National Training Centre in Multidimensional (2D/3D) Data Literacy Skill. Through the establishment of the National Training Centre, arts and humanities researchers will: 1. Improve their capacity to unlock the potential and value of multidimensional (2D/3D) media assets for driving technical innovation as well as addressing global challenges; 2. Strengthen their international standing as global players across interdisciplinary research domains as well as within the cultural sector and creative industries; and 3. Level up the playing field for using and reusing multidimensional data for research enquiry across institutions, career levels and paths.


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