Royal College of Music Performance VR

Lead Research Organisation: Royal College of Music
Department Name: Research


The Royal College of Music (RCM) has pioneered the use of simulation to help performers from the arts, medicine, business, sport, education, and other skilled areas hone their craft and prepare for the pressures of public performance. The RCM Performance VR project builds on a major redevelopment of the College's performance simulation facilities to develop and deliver a virtual reality application that will let performers and the public around the world experience immersive, interactive performance spaces from the convenience of their own homes and workplaces. The RCM is working with performers to design an app that is easy to use and can recreate the challenges and thrills of performing on stage to an audience that reacts as a real audience might. By making this app available to buy on existing VR marketplaces, the College will be able to generate funds to continue to design, expand, and share their innovations in performance simulation and make it available to more people worldwide. This will allow as many as possible to benefit from the expertise of one of the top institutions for performing arts in the world.


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