The Mechanisms of Action of Neural Stem Cells

Lead Research Organisation: King's College London
Department Name: Neuroscience


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Technical Summary

This request is for funds to purchase and maintain a confocal microscope to service the needs of the neural stem cell group in the centre for the cellular basis of behaviour at the Institute of Psychiatry. All five applicants on this proposal are members of this newly formed group. The primary objective of the group is to understand the basic neurobiological mechanisms whereby neural stem cells are able to influence brain function. Our studies are largely multidisciplinary and collaborative bringing together the variety of skills we have in this group-cell and molecular biology; genomics; neuroimaging; and neuropathology. In this proposal, we present eight such projects from among the portfolio of research being undertaken by the group. They comprise ongoing projects (including two funded by BBSRC plus others for which we are currently seeking support. In each case, confocal microscopy is an essential research tool.


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