Biochemical Engineering MSc

Lead Research Organisation: University College London
Department Name: Biochemical Engineering


The objective of the UCL Biochemical Engineering MSc is to better enable UK companies to capture the added value associated with knowledge-intensive, high-technology (bio)manufacture. We specifically address practical bioprocess skills needs identified in recent BIGT, ABPI and IB-IGT reports and highlight new opportunities and bioprocess challenges in Industrial Biotechnology and cost-effective global healthcare provision. The existing course has a proven track record of providing high quality interdisciplinary postgraduate education. The new MSc programme will build on this to offer two streams, one for bioscience or chemistry graduates and the other for engineering graduates. Students on both streams will be trained to understand how advances in the life sciences and chemistry can most effectively be translated into real outcomes of benefit to all. Close linkage to the research activities of The Advanced Centre for Biochemical Engineering (ACBE) ensures that training is built around the latest scientific discoveries and bioprocessing technologies. New micro biochemical engineering and modelling approaches to scale-down experimentation, now being taken up by our industrial collaborators, provide the basis on which students can explore a range of emerging bioprocess challenges and establish scale-up predictions to be verified in our unique pilot plant facilities. The content of the MSc programmes will benefit considerably from linkage to the department's post experience MBI Training Programme, in which some 80 industrial experts help deliver to industrial delegates, alongside MSc students. The new programme will be divided into four distinct but related elements. 1) CONVERSION ELEMENTS (45 Credits) - Biochemical Engineering Fundamentals (for science graduates). To provide the fundamentals of process engineering relevant to the handling of biological materials and the application of numerical techniques to describe biological systems. - Advanced Life Sciences (for engineering graduates). To provide insights into the function of cells and proteins and their molecular engineering or evolution to enhance efficency and bioprocess performance. 2) ADVANCED BIOCHEMICAL ENGINEERING & BIOPROCESS IMPLEMENTATION (60 Credits) These core elements will teach the design of bio-based manufacturing, i.e. fermentation & biotransformation, subsequent recovery, purification and formulation of products. This will be supported by a series of experiments on individual unit operations. New micro biochemical approaches to scale-down will broaden the student's practical knowledge. Information obtained will lead into research/design projects and be verified experimentally during week-long whole bioprocess studies in the department's pilot plant facility. 3) RESEARCH OR DESIGN PROJECT (45 Credits) The elements above are completed concurrently in the first 8 months so that the skills gained may be applied to either a design or research project. - Bioprocess Design Project For graduate scientists wishing to obtain Chartered Engineer status this is a vital part of the programme. It involves the complete design of a bioprocess, together with economic and safety analyses, and validation considerations. In 2009 the project examined the requirements for a pandemic flu vaccine. - Bioprocess Research Project Each candidate carries out an original research project of their choice, under the supervision of a member of academic staff. The students are fully integrated into one of the multidisciplinary research teams within the ACBE. Topics range from chemo-enzymatic synthesis to therapeutic antibody and stem cell bioprocessing. 4) MANAGEMENT OF BIOPROCESS VENTURES (30 Credits) This element recognises that discovery of new products and processes is often driven by small, high-tech companies. It is centred on production and presentation of a bioprocess business plan.



Gary Lye (Principal Investigator) orcid
Tarit K Mukhopadhyay (Researcher Co-Investigator)
Ashraf Amanullah (Researcher Co-Investigator)
Chiron Howell (Researcher Co-Investigator)
Grainne McDonagh (Researcher Co-Investigator)
Karen Smith (Researcher Co-Investigator)
Lothar Britsch (Researcher Co-Investigator)
Marcel Wubbolts (Researcher Co-Investigator)
Diane Hatton (Researcher Co-Investigator)
Karol Lacki (Researcher Co-Investigator)
Philippe Baumgartner (Researcher Co-Investigator)
Nigel Depledge (Researcher Co-Investigator)
David Sherwood (Researcher Co-Investigator)
Nicholas Medcalf (Researcher Co-Investigator) orcid
Nicolas Szita (Researcher Co-Investigator)
John Williams (Researcher Co-Investigator)
Marc Wenger (Researcher Co-Investigator)
Kate Smith (Researcher Co-Investigator)
Jim Mills (Researcher Co-Investigator)
Thorsten Kimmel (Researcher Co-Investigator)
Michael Beatrice (Researcher Co-Investigator)
Cian Ryle (Researcher Co-Investigator)
Steve Froud (Researcher Co-Investigator)
Jim McKiernan (Researcher Co-Investigator)
Vaughan Thomas (Researcher Co-Investigator)
George Bou-Habib (Researcher Co-Investigator)
Suzanne Farid (Researcher Co-Investigator) orcid
Paul Anthony Dalby (Researcher Co-Investigator) orcid
Sushma Jassal (Researcher Co-Investigator)
David John Williams (Researcher Co-Investigator)
Martina Micheletti (Researcher Co-Investigator)
Rosemary Lucy Drake (Researcher Co-Investigator)
Mark Richardson (Researcher Co-Investigator)
David Johnson (Researcher Co-Investigator)
Miriam Monge (Researcher Co-Investigator)
Suzanne Aldington (Researcher Co-Investigator)
Graeme Daniels (Researcher Co-Investigator)
Christopher Mason (Researcher Co-Investigator)
Ian Macpherson (Researcher Co-Investigator)
Sharon Grimster (Researcher Co-Investigator)
Y Zhou (Researcher Co-Investigator)
Daniel Galbraith (Researcher Co-Investigator)
Roland Wohlgemuth (Researcher Co-Investigator)
Frank Baganz (Researcher Co-Investigator) orcid
Ales Strancar (Researcher Co-Investigator)
Elizabeth Anne Shephard (Researcher Co-Investigator)
Emma Bartin (Researcher Co-Investigator)
Michael Graham Paton (Researcher Co-Investigator)
Jackie Vaughan (Researcher Co-Investigator)
Andrew Hope (Researcher Co-Investigator)
Ian Nicholson (Researcher Co-Investigator)
Marcel Kuiper (Researcher Co-Investigator)
Eli Keshavarz -Moore (Researcher Co-Investigator)
Angus Thompson (Researcher Co-Investigator)
Paul Bird (Researcher Co-Investigator)
Roy Okec (Researcher Co-Investigator)
Graham McCartney (Researcher Co-Investigator)
Julian Bonnerjea (Researcher Co-Investigator)
Gordon Farquharson (Researcher Co-Investigator)
Bjorn Hammarberg (Researcher Co-Investigator)
John Maxim Ward (Researcher Co-Investigator) orcid
Penny Johnson (Researcher Co-Investigator)
Eric Grund (Researcher Co-Investigator)
Paul Kemp (Researcher Co-Investigator)
Julia Markusen (Researcher Co-Investigator)
Olivier Berteau (Researcher Co-Investigator) orcid
Ingrid Maes (Researcher Co-Investigator)
Sheila MacNeil (Researcher Co-Investigator)
Rolf Frey (Researcher Co-Investigator)
Mike Hoare (Researcher Co-Investigator)
David Doyle (Researcher Co-Investigator)
Robert Edward Drew (Researcher Co-Investigator)
David Mainwaring (Researcher Co-Investigator)
Mark Lewis (Researcher Co-Investigator) orcid
C Gershater (Researcher Co-Investigator)
Gunter Jagsiches (Researcher Co-Investigator)
Angela Osborne (Researcher Co-Investigator)
John Joseph (Researcher Co-Investigator)
Helen Claire Hailes (Researcher Co-Investigator)
Claire Hill (Researcher Co-Investigator)
Andy Masters (Researcher Co-Investigator)
Richard Francis (Researcher Co-Investigator)
Mark Rendall (Researcher Co-Investigator)
Andrew Lyddiatt (Researcher Co-Investigator)
Ron Wheeler (Researcher Co-Investigator)
Brendan Fish (Researcher Co-Investigator)
Maarten Pennings (Researcher Co-Investigator)
Mark Ayles (Researcher Co-Investigator)
Keith Wickert (Researcher Co-Investigator)
Jon Dempsey (Researcher Co-Investigator)
K Mannweiler (Researcher Co-Investigator)
Darren Nicholas Nesbeth (Researcher Co-Investigator)
Christopher Bravery (Researcher Co-Investigator)
Nick Hutchinson (Researcher Co-Investigator)
Daniel Gilbert Bracewell (Researcher Co-Investigator) orcid
Ivan Wall (Researcher Co-Investigator)
Ray Field (Researcher Co-Investigator)
Tony Newcombe (Researcher Co-Investigator)
Steven J Burton (Researcher Co-Investigator)
Tim Hughes (Researcher Co-Investigator)
Elisabeth Jander (Researcher Co-Investigator)
Craig Jackson (Researcher Co-Investigator)
Susan Dexter (Researcher Co-Investigator)
Julian Burke (Researcher Co-Investigator)
Farlan Singh Veraitch (Researcher Co-Investigator)
Bob Davies (Researcher Co-Investigator)
Chris Davis (Researcher Co-Investigator)
Charles Hunt (Researcher Co-Investigator)
Carol Marshall (Researcher Co-Investigator)
Geoff Dunn (Researcher Co-Investigator)
Marcel Raedts (Researcher Co-Investigator)


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