MSc in Reproductive and Developmental Biology

Lead Research Organisation: Imperial College London
Department Name: Dept of Surgery and Cancer


The MSc in Reproductive and Develompental Biology is a 12-month course starting in October each year. It consisits of a five-month program of lectures, seminars and practicals, followed by a six-month research project. During the 5-month program (October to January) all students take 8 compulsory modules that cover (1) Molecular medicine, (2) Reproductive endocrinology, (3) Gametogenesis and pre-implantation development, (4) Implantation and pregnancy, (5) Receptors and signalling, (6) Reproductive medicine, (7) Stem cell biology, (8) Fetal development and physiology. The student will also learn about the molecular and biochemical techniques currently used to elucidate the normal and abnormal developmental and pathological events involved, particularly including the insights that stem cell biology and animal models can provide, and also consider the impact that novel technologies such as genetic selection of embryos, stem cell biology and therapeutic cloning may have. Practical experience in laboratory techniques, including the assessment of sperm and the application of molecular biology to reproductive medicine will be provided. Students will also have an opportunity to observe at first hand a leading IVF unit. The six month research project will provide the student with a thorough training in laboratory research, including the development of a good research project, experimental design, and trouble shooting for experimental problems. Transferable skills including data handling, analysis and interpretation, and presentation of work orally, and for publication in the form of a dissertation, will also be learnt.


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