The development of ARF-DCA technology as a novel tool for crop improvement

Lead Research Organisation: University of Leeds
Department Name: Ctr for Plant Sciences


Through our BBSRC-funded work on auxin signalling in the model plant arabidopsis we have discovered a way in which plant root systems can be altered to enhance the uptake of water and nutrients. The invention, known as ARF-DCA technology, allows the modulation of specific aspects of development in a manner that retains the plasticity of responses to environmental conditions such as soil nutrient levels. These traits are extremely attractive to breeders and seed companies but in order to take the next step in the commercialisation of the technology we must demonstrate its efficacy in an economically-important crop. Here we describe a work programme of work to translate our proof-of-concept ARF-DCA work in arabidopsis to the globally-important oilseed crop, oilseed rape and further, to broaden the scope of the invention by demonstrating that ARF-DCA technology can also be used to enhance additional auxin-regulated root traits that are crucial to crop nutrition and yield performance.


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Description This project is commercially sensitive.
Exploitation Route This work will provide novel ways to alter auxin-regulated aspects of plant development, particularly the growth of root hairs.
Sectors Agriculture, Food and Drink,Environment

Description This project is commercially sensitive.
First Year Of Impact 2012
Sector Agriculture, Food and Drink
Impact Types Economic

Description Member of the Advisory Committee of the UK Plant Science Federation
Geographic Reach National 
Policy Influence Type Participation in a advisory committee