US partnering on the use of neutron scattering to study aggregation in therapeutic proteins during manufacture and storage

Lead Research Organisation: University College London
Department Name: Biochemical Engineering


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Description SANS measurements at ISIS Oxford, UK were carried out by a PDRA of Chris Roberts from Delaware, US. SAXS measurements were carried out at NIST, US, by a UCL PDRA. These measurements have revealed structural changes in antibodies as they adhere to chromatographic resin surfaces.
Exploitation Route This work will lead to publications and also to a new grant application to extend the work in more detail.
Sectors Healthcare

Description This work has opened up a dialogue with NIST scientists working also on biopharmaceutical measurements. NIST have now promised to supply materials for a new EPSRC grant application in the UK. The work has also led to a collaborative EPSRC CDT PhD with UCL (Dalby), Chris Roberts in Delaware, and Univ Manchester (Curtis). The work at ISIS has also enabled a jointly funded UCL EPSRC CDT PhD project to launch in Oct 2016, to investigate glycosylation structures in antibodies in solution. Two conferences have also been organised as a result of this collaborative project. 1. Neutron Characterisation in Fundamental and Applied Biotechnology, Abingdon, UK, September 2014 2. Advances in Biophysical Methods for Protein Characterisation, Palermo, Italy, October 2016.
First Year Of Impact 2016
Sector Healthcare
Impact Types Economic