US Partnering Award: Systems Biology of Plants and Algae, from Molecular Networks to Informatics Infrastructure.

Lead Research Organisation: University of Edinburgh
Department Name: Sch of Biological Sciences


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Description This is an ongoing travel award. We completed our first proposed visit from USA to UK in summer 2014, we met our partners at two conferences. We organised three further workshops in 2016-2018.
Exploitation Route Other labs will use the output of our workshops. Multiple clock research groups studying plant and algal clocks are now linked in the UK circadian clock club.
Sectors Manufacturing, including Industrial Biotechology

Description Multiple workshops and visits have been funded, including international researchers and students as proposed.
First Year Of Impact 2014
Description Cyverse UK 
Organisation Earlham Institute
Country United Kingdom 
Sector Academic/University 
PI Contribution Organisation of 2018 UK plant and algal clocks meeting
Collaborator Contribution Speaker at 2018 UK plant and algal clocks meeting
Impact None so far; yes multi-disc between computer science and plant science
Start Year 2018