Catalysing collaboration and exchange between wheat scientists in the UK and West Asia

Lead Research Organisation: Rothamsted Research
Department Name: Plant Biology & Crop Science



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Description This was an international bilateral workshop, designed to exchanged information and identify topics for collaboration between scientists in the UK and in Turkey and West Asia.
It was highly successful in this respect but outcomes have been limited by subsequent political changes in Turkey and the ongoing political situation in West Asia.
Nevertheless, a joint grant proposal was submitted between the UK delegates (from Lancaster, Rothamsted and Reading) under the BBSRC GCRF scheme, although this was not supported.
Turkish scientists have also requested and been provided with genetic material from the UK.
Exploitation Route Exchanges of staff and germplasm
Joint grant proposals.
Sectors Agriculture, Food and Drink,Environment

Description Collaboration on genetic and phenomic characterisation of wheat Kazakh lines 
Organisation Institute of Plant Biology and Biotechnology
Country Kazakhstan 
Sector Public 
PI Contribution Collaboration between Simon Griffiths at JIC to evaluate Kazakh germplasm as source of variation for improvement of UK wheat.
Collaborator Contribution Provision, field trials and characterisation of germplasm
Impact Will contribute to improved wheat for UK and Kazakhstan
Start Year 2019