China Partnering Award: Emerging bee pathogens and the development of pollination as a sustainable ecosystem service in China

Lead Research Organisation: UNIVERSITY OF EXETER
Department Name: Biosciences


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Description Survey data from commercial bee hives in China showed that the non-native honey bee (Apis mellifera) has high levels of a pathogenic disease called deformed wing virus (DWV), and this disease may spread into the native Asian honeybee Apis cerana. This work was published in: Diao et al (2019). Prevalence and population genetics of the emerging honey bee pathogen DWV in Chinese apiculture. Scientific Reports.
Exploitation Route The data from the one study we were able to complete and publish have important management recommendations for beekeeping management and disease prevention in managed honeybee colonies in China.
Sectors Agriculture, Food and Drink,Environment

Title viral screening 
Description screening for novel bee viruses 
Type Of Material Biological samples 
Year Produced 2017 
Provided To Others? Yes  
Impact establishing method in chinese collaborator's lab, preliminary data 
Description CAAS 
Organisation Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences
Department Institute of Cotton Research (ICR)
Country China 
Sector Public 
PI Contribution visit to potential field sites in china, talk at CAAS, visit by PhD student David Pascall to test presence of newly discovered viruses and establish methods in collaborator's lab
Collaborator Contribution hosting visit to potential field sites and PhD student
Impact preliminary data
Start Year 2017