Optimisation of sortase-mediated protein labelling as a tool for biotechnology and pharmaceutical development

Lead Research Organisation: University of Leeds
Department Name: Sch of Chemistry


Labelling of proteins is fundamental to laboratory investigations and industrial applications such as the development of diagnostics. The market for protein labelling reagents is worth approximately $2bn a year and new innovations which increase the efficiency of protein labelling and reduce the cost of this process are always needed. In this project, we are developing a new protocol for the use of sortase in protein labelling. This technology has the potential to allow the rapid (<1 hour) generation of homogenously modified proteins with minimal excess reagent and small quantities of the labelling protein. During the project we will investigate a range of potential commercial applications including the potential of the technology for application in the generation of modified antibodies, which represent a major new class of anti-cancer drugs.


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Description In this proposal we are continuing the development of a protein labelling technology to proof-of-concept stage. Through this project we will demonstrate the full scope of the technology and obtain key data that is vital for intellectual property purposes. We have now shown successful proof-of-concept on several systems and have identified key parameters required for optimisation and now exemplifying the approach over a range of systems. We are now moving to the next phase of the project to identify mechanisms to exploit the results of the project most effectively.
Exploitation Route Prior to publication, we will be investigating patent protection of the technology. After this point we anticipate that the technology could be adapted for application in industry or in an academic setting.
Sectors Manufacturing, including Industrial Biotechology,Pharmaceuticals and Medical Biotechnology