Next generation catch-and-release trap for controlling agricultural pests

Lead Research Organisation: Rothamsted Research
Department Name: Biointeractions and Crop Protection


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Description Previous research at Rothamsted led to the identification of a novel, virulent entomopathogenic fungus that is specific to certain dipteran (fly) species and that can only be transmitted via live-generated spores. We believe this fungus may have an important application for the control of important agricultural pests such as the Mediterranean fruit fly (Ceratitis capitata), a species of major economic importance which attacks over 250 species of fruits and vegetables, which can cause yield losses, lower marketable yield of produce and bans on international trade. The aim of this Follow-on-Fund Pathfinder project was to focus and understand where the commercial markets were for the development of a novel "catch-and-release" trap to deliver insect control using our specific entomopathogenic fungus, prior to applying for BBSRC Follow-on-Funding to undertake proof-of-concept studies.
Follow-on-Fund Pathfinder funding was used to commission an external market appraisal and IP landscape analysis from IP Pragmatics Ltd. Based on this outcome, our commercial strategy was subsequently focused on the specific development of an auto-dissemination trap for dispersal of target-specific fungal pathogens that are target-specific. It is anticipated that the report will inform a subsequent Follow-on-Fund proposal to be submitted to BBSRC.
Exploitation Route The findings might be taken forward by scientists interested in the interaction between insects and fungal pathogens. The findings might be put to use in the application of novel traps for use in agricultural systems.
Sectors Agriculture, Food and Drink