Catalysing collaborations between wheat scientists in the UK and Central Asia

Lead Research Organisation: Rothamsted Research
Department Name: Plant Sciences




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Description This was an bilateral international workshop designed to bring together scientists from the UK and Central Asia to exchange information and establish collaborations. It was very successful, with visits to the two main wheat producing areas and research centres in Kazakhstan as well as a workshop with scientists from Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan and Tajikistan.
Outputs are limited as there are few opportunities for joint funding. However, two collaborations have been established:
1. Establishment of a core collection of 250 Kazakh winter and spring wheats for marker analysis and phenotyping (Simon Griffiths, JIC)
2. Characterisation of Kazakh wheat lines derived from crosses with related wild species, as a source of variation in bioactive components (Alison Lovegrove, Rothamsted).
Exploitation Route In collaboration with UK and Central Asian plant breeders
Sectors Agriculture, Food and Drink,Environment