Potential for the use of TNF-alpha antagonists for the treatment of age-related constipation in elderly animals and humans.

Lead Research Organisation: University of Brighton
Department Name: Sch of Pharmacy & Biomolecular Sciences


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Description The purpose of the award was to explore the potential for the use of anti-TNF drugs to treat chronic constipation in older people and/or their companion animals. The grant involved a market exploration of the pharmaceutical industry, veterinarians, older people suffering from chronic constipation and healthcare professionals. The outcomes of the study were unanimous in identifying that TNF-alpha antagonists were not perceived as being useful for the treatment of older people as the route of administration of the drug (via injections into the skin) and the cost of the drug made its use prohibitive. However, many veterinarians identified that chronic constipation was a major problem in older cats and in this species it was believed that the anti-TNF drugs would be useful. The cost was seen as less of an issue as many pet owners would be happy to spend large amounts of money on the welfare of their pets and the route of administration was also not perceived as a problem as sub cutaneous injections (under the skin) are routinely used in this species.
Exploitation Route The findings from this study have highlighted a possible use for this drug in treating older cats with chronic constipation. The work could now be picked up by one of the companies that markets the anti-TNF drugs and this may allow the drug to be re-purposed and therefore provide an extension to its patent. Additionally, the work could be taken further by academics to determine the precise dosing regime necessary to provide appropriate relief of constipation in cats.
Sectors Education,Healthcare,Pharmaceuticals and Medical Biotechnology