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Lead Research Organisation: Rothamsted Research
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Description Thus far, this award has been used to support the following activities:

(A) Rutherford Fellowships - Four overseas fellows (from Brazil, Italy, Spain and the USA, respectively) were selected as part of a competitive process to undertake placements of up to six months working with scientific supervisors at Rothamsted Research.

(B) Exchanges with industry - The award has supported nine small projects involving exchanges with industry partners both in the UK and internationally.
Exploitation Route As many of the exchanges are still in progress, key findings and discoveries are still in the process of being identified. Datasets, methods, and publications generated from the work will be made available to the wider scientific community in a timely manner.

To ensure that links with the talented overseas scientists supported through the Rutherford Fellowship scheme are maintained and enhanced, Rothamsted will be supporting applicants in preparing and submitting applications to additional fellowship schemes; one applicant has already submitted two follow-on applications.

Rothamsted has several mechanisms in place to provide on-going support to its early career researcher cohort in establishing links with industry, for example through the Agri-Tech Research Innovation Accelerator (AgRIA) and our industry alliances. This support is available to those who have participated in the FTMA scheme as well as to the wider ECR community at Rothamsted.
Sectors Agriculture, Food and Drink

Description Evaluating scientific methods and production practices for assessing nutritional and hygienic quality in haylage for equids
Amount £49,923 (GBP)
Organisation The Donkey Sanctuary 
Start 03/2019 
End 07/2019
Description Industry funding - title confidential
Amount € 20,000 (EUR)
Organisation Syngenta International AG 
Sector Public
Country Global
Start 01/2019 
End 06/2019
Description AgBalanceTM Pasture: a composite indicator of sustainability for grazing livestock systems (Rothamsted Research / BASF SE) 
Organisation BASF
Country Germany 
Sector Private 
PI Contribution Taro Takahashi was awarded funds to undertake a project with BASF SE involving reciprocal visits.
Collaborator Contribution The project will use BASF's AgBalance sustainability scoring framework.
Impact No impacts have yet been achieved through this collaboration.
Start Year 2018
Description BASF Sustainability Prize: A training programme to enable early-career scientists to develop the skills needed to create and deliver impactful collaborations with industry (Rothamsted Research / BASF) 
Organisation BASF
Department BASF Schweiz AG
Country Switzerland 
Sector Private 
PI Contribution John Crawford, Bianca Forte, Chiara Gandini and Irene Gonzalez-Thullier were awarded funds to organise a competition for Rothamsted's cohort of early career researchers to co-design sustainability project proposals with BASF. Teams with the most promising solutions were invited to the BASF facility in Limbergerhof to pitch the projects to the company.
Collaborator Contribution Three senior BASF managers came to the UK for two days for the project kick off and selection stage, with a staff time cost of ~750 Euros per day each (4500 Euros total), and travel and accommodation costs of 3000 Euros. BASF also hosted the final Limburgerhof event, for which the room hire, catering, dinners and taxis cost ~6000 Euros.
Impact No impacts have yet been achieved through this project.
Start Year 2018
Description Developing tools for Soybean looper gene editing (Rothamsted Research / Syngenta Crop Protection AG) 
Organisation Syngenta International AG
Country Global 
Sector Public 
PI Contribution Rafael Homem and Emyr Davies (Rothamsted Research) were awarded funds to support a project with Syngenta Crop Protection AG involving reciprocal exchanges of personnel.
Collaborator Contribution TBC.
Impact No impacts have yet been achieved through this collaboration.
Start Year 2018
Description Evaluation of new technologies for high-throughput fatty acid metabolic phenotyping in Brassica spp. (Rothamsted Resarch / Anatune) 
Organisation Anatune
PI Contribution Richard Broughton was awarded funds to undertake a project with Anatune, including a two week placement with the company.
Collaborator Contribution Anatune hosted Richard Broughton's placement. However, Anatune sold the piece of equipment that Richard Broughton was intending to use, thus limiting the scope of the work.
Impact No impacts have yet been achieved through this project.
Start Year 2018
Description Monitoring fungal population dynamics in silage (Rothamsted Research / Silage Solutions / Isca Diagnostics) 
Organisation Silage Soutions Ltd
Country Unknown 
Sector Academic/University 
PI Contribution Kate Le Cocq (Rothamsted Research) was awarded funds to support a 12 month project with Silage Solutions and Isca Diagnostics involving reciprocal exchanges. She is responsible for sampling, sample processing and data analysis.
Collaborator Contribution Silage Solutions Ltd are providing Kate Le Cocq with training in relevant aspects of silage science. They also covered partial cost of sample analysis, and loaned equipment for use in the project. Isca Diagnostics manufacture monoclonal antibodies, the application of which are being evaluated as part of this project in the form of Lateral flow devices.
Impact Impacts have not yet been achieved.
Start Year 2018
Description Structural elucidation and fate determination of novel fatty acids: Generating further insights into pathway manipulation by synthetic biology (Rothamsted Research / ThermoScientific) 
Organisation Thermo Fisher Scientific
Country United States 
Sector Private 
PI Contribution Richard Broughton was awarded funds to undertake a project with ThermoScientific, during which he was planning to undertake a placement of two weeks at Thermo's Hemel site.
Collaborator Contribution ThermoScientific were going to host Richard Broughton's exchange. Unfortunately, the collaborator at Thermo left the company, and the project came to a halt.
Impact No impacts have yet been achieved through this project.
Start Year 2018
Description Invited lecture, Intituto de la Grasa, Seville 
Form Of Engagement Activity A talk or presentation
Part Of Official Scheme? No
Geographic Reach Regional
Primary Audience Professional Practitioners
Results and Impact Plant biotechnology and biorefinning lecture: Oleaginous crops as integrated production platforms for sustainable production of food, feed, fuel and renewable industrial feedstock
Initiated discussions about future collaboration on transaltional research projects and students exchange/training.
Year(s) Of Engagement Activity 2018