Unlocking high-throughput analysis within the RNA epigenetics domain

Lead Research Organisation: University of Portsmouth
Department Name: Inst of Biomedical and Biomolecular Sc


In the rapidly emerging field of RNA epigenetics, reversible chemical modifications of RNA by writer, reader and eraser proteins are known to play key roles in changing RNA activity and regulating critical cellular processes. Mass spectrometry and sequencing techniques are used to detect RNA modifications, but neither are capable of high-throughput analysis. To support the exponential growth of research in this field there is an urgent need for high-throughput approaches. Working with RNA epigenetics experts, Storm Therapeutics, this goal can be achieved by repurposing our patented RNA array platform technology to facilitate simultaneous analysis of multiple target RNAs for RNA modification detection. With market exclusivity, the tailoring of our RNA array into the RNA epigenetics domain offers a very significant increase in its utility, greatly increasing its market potential and substantially enhancing its attractiveness to potential licensees.


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