Portuguese Government Studentship: PI3K signaling in neutrophils related to the regulation of superoxide formation by ras and PI3K

Lead Research Organisation: Babraham Institute
Department Name: UNLISTED


Integrins are molecules on the surface of cells that enable them to stick to other cells and to surfaces and migrate. We have evidence that the distribution of integrins on white blood cells is controlled by hormones and this mechanism enables these abilities of white blood cells to be switched on and off as needed. In this project we are investigating the molecular mechanism by which the distribution of integrins on the surface of white blood cells is controlled.


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Description We generated a method to study the distribution of adhesion receptors on neutrophils that are critical for neutrophil movement. This allowed us to test the idea that PI3K signalling directly controlled the distribution of adhesion receptors to control cell movement. We found evidence that part of the effect of PI3K signalling on neutrophil migration was indeed through this mechanism.
Exploitation Route The method developed is a poweful strategy for further research and has been used in other labs since.
Sectors Pharmaceuticals and Medical Biotechnology

Description Invited lecturer to international meetings (average 2-3 per year) 
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scientific collaborations, joint grants and publications
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