Neuro Network of Excellence (NeuroNE)

Lead Research Organisation: Babraham Institute
Department Name: UNLISTED


The degeneration of axons, long fibres that carry electrical information from one nerve cell to the next and from our sensory organs and to our muscles, underlies many disorders. In particular many of these are degenerative nervous system disorders of middle and old age such as Alzheimer's disease, motor neuron disease, glaucoma and multiple sclerosis. This project has two aims. One is to understand how motor neuron disease arises from a block in the supply of components of axons, when a transport process inside the cell is impaired. The other is to understand how axon degeneration can be delayed.


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Description We identified a sequence motif linked to protein turnover, with links to neurodegeneration.
Exploitation Route This has helped us understand why axons degeneration in ageing and in Alzheimer's disease
Sectors Healthcare