Supergen biomass and bio-energy consortium continuation plus activity on marine biomass

Lead Research Organisation: Rothamsted Research
Department Name: Unlisted


To evaluate the options for energy, fuels and chemicals from marine biomass and also evaluate the potential to exploit this resource as determined by the economics and technical performance.

Objectives (Tasks):
1. To select candidates species of marine biomass with potential to contribute significantly to the UK biomass resources, and to compare them to terrestrial sources. (Rothamsted Research and other partners)
2. To investigate the potential to culture the selected candidates for farming (Other partners).
3. To characterise and evaluate the selected biomass for their suitability to thermal and fermentation routes for energy, fuels and chemicals (Other partners).
4. To undertake process and techno-economic assessment of the farming, harvest, storage, transportation and utilisation of marine biomass (All partners contribute to input data).
5. To undertake public acceptability and life Cycle analysis -examination of sustainability and environmental issues (Other partners, Supergen Marine Consortium).
6. To evaluate the total biomass availability around the UK (Other partners).


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