Improving the quality of FMD vaccines by understanding the correlation of vaccine-induced protection with immune responses in cattle

Lead Research Organisation: The Pirbright Institute
Department Name: UNLISTED


The scientific hypotheses underlying our research are, firstly, that viral antigenic phenotype can be predicted from capsid gene sequences; and secondly that there is a measurable T cell component to vaccine-induced protection and that strengthening this would improve efficacy and duration of immunity. Our specific objectives are: (1) To define viral determinants of antigenicity and improve the selection of vaccine strains, particularly in Africa where there is the widest diversity of circulating viruses and few tailor-made vaccine strains. (2) To evaluate novel adjuvants that may enhance the potency and durability of vaccine-induced immunity.(3) To define correlates of vaccine-mediated protection and to transfer technology to establish in vitro alternatives to live challenge as a means of assuring vaccine strain potency to labs in developing countries.


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