BBSRC-funded studentship: The role of African swine fever virus membrane proteins in virus replication and immunomodulation

Lead Research Organisation: The Pirbright Institute
Department Name: UNLISTED


Studentship. African swine fever virus is a large cytoplasmic DNA virus which encodes many proteins involved in evading the host's defence systems. This project will focus on one class of these proteins which are transmembrane proteins and are therefore predicted to be present on the surface of virus-infected cells. Interaction of the extracellular domain of these proteins with ligands on the surface or secreted from cells provides a mechanism for virus immunomodulation. The project will investigate the function of three ASFV membrane proteins by studying their localisation in cells, identifying ligands that they interact with and the functional consequences of these interactions. The information will be useful for the design of rationally attenuated African swine fever virus vaccines.


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