Studentship: How does hybridisation influence life-history parameters and dispersal in Culex pipiens mosquitoes?

Lead Research Organisation: The Pirbright Institute
Department Name: UNLISTED


The project will investigate hybridisation and ecoform identity in the mosquito Culex pipiens L. through studies of its distribution, physiology and dispersal. As one of the most commonly encountered species in the UK, the study will assist in understanding the potential for transmission of zoonotic arboviruses in northern Europe with an emphasis on the examination of urban and suburban populations in London. The successful candidate will initially carry out a detailed and targeted survey of the prevalence of Cx. pipiens in both these areas which will involve extensive fieldwork. Selected populations from this survey will then be used to create colony lines to compare the impact of ecoform identity on basic physiological parameters including mating behaviour and fecundity. The candidate will then investigate dispersal behaviour of this species in the field, drawing conclusions regarding potential population interconnectivity.


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