An advanced diffractometer for resonant soft x-ray scattering, diffraction and reflectivity

Lead Research Organisation: Diamond Light Source
Department Name: CEO's Office


Soft x-ray diffraction and scattering is a relatively new technique relying on huge resonant enhancements at elemental absorption edges. Studies on thin films and single crystals have demonstrated the advantages of soft x-ray diffraction for studies of both charge and magnetic scattering as well as direct observation of orbital ordering. To date world leading research has been conducted at Daresbury using a simple two-circle diffractometer modified with a nitrogen cooling stage. The current diffractometer has a number of limitations and cannot be upgraded. We propose to build a new dedicated in-vacuum soft x-ray diffractometer with enhanced cryogenic capabilities, multiaxis capability and equipped with a number of new detectors including a high resolution CCD. The diffractometer will also be equipped with a high field magnet for reflectivity studies at ambient temperature. The new diffractometer will be designed at Daresbury to be used on a branchline of the soft x-ray Nanoscience beamline (I06) at Diamond and eventually on the polarized beamline for magnetism (I10) after 2010. The new diffractometer will provide a migration route for an existing wide community of users for fundamental studies and device applications of technologically important materials who currently use 1.1 and 5U1 at the SRS.


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Description A dedicated diffractometer for resonant soft x-ray diffraction and scattering was developed. Experiments in resonant soft x-ray diffraction at low temperatures on strongly correlated materials, superconductors and magnetic materials were undertaken.
Exploitation Route Users for soft x-ray scattering can request beamtime at Diamond beamline I10 using this diffractometer.
Sectors Electronics,Manufacturing, including Industrial Biotechology

Description To design and build a dedicated diffractometer for resonant soft x-ray diffraction and scattering.
First Year Of Impact 2009
Sector Electronics
Impact Types Economic