Methods of Integrable systems in Geometry: An LMS Durham Research Symposium

Lead Research Organisation: Durham University
Department Name: Mathematical Sciences


Relations between differential geometry and integrable systems can be traced back more than a century, but it is only recently that methods of integrable system theory have been consistently applied to obtain global geometrical results.It is proposed to hold a 10-day symposium in this area at the University of Durham in August 2006, organised by F. Burstall (U of Bath), J. Dorfmeister (TU Munich), M. Guest (Tokyo MU) and F. Pedit (U of Amherst). This will bring together leading researchers for a period of concentration, consolidation and cross-fertilization.The programme will be designed to focus on areas which show particular promise, and where interactions between different groups are likely to be most beneficial. There will be an uncluttered lecture programme, with ample opportunities for discussions, collaborations and ad-hoc seminars.We shall concentrate on several aspects, namely: discrete integrable systemsspectral curves and algebro-geometric methodssurfaces, Dirac operators, and classical differential geometry submanifold geometry and loop group methods Frobenius manifolds and integrable systems


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