Direct writing of micrometer arrays of biomolecules on diamond and diamond-like-carbon surfaces

Lead Research Organisation: University of Sheffield
Department Name: Materials Science and Engineering


This project couples two different state-of-the-art concepts in the fabrication of protein or DNA modified surfaces: the manufacturing of microstructured arrays of biomolecules via the laser induced forward transfer (LIFT) technique, and the usage of diamond and diamond-likecarbon (DLC) surfaces as platform for deposition. The laser induced forward transfer technique is a direct write, non-contact printing technique that was originally used for printing of metals and electronic components. Recently, this technique has been also used for printing of patterned arrays of DNA and biomolecules. Further analysis of the deposited micropatterns shows no degradation of the biomolecules within the solution, making this a viable alternative for more classical technique for micrometer array deposition of biomolecules. This deposition technique will be coupled with the usage of functionalised diamond coatings as the platform for biomolecule immobilisation. DNA and protein functionalisation of diamond has been recently illustrated to be possible. Indeed, DNA arrays deposited on diamond showed excellent stability. The combination of the two will produce stable microarrays of biomolecules on a diamond or diamon-like-carbon surface.


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EP/C532066/1 01/01/2006 31/07/2008 £157,001
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Description The same outcomes as for EP/C532066/1have been achieved.
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Sectors Healthcare,Manufacturing, including Industrial Biotechology

Description The same outcomes as for EP/C532066/1have been achieved.