NSF: Fatigue, Damping and Impact Properties of Textile Composites

Lead Research Organisation: University of Nottingham
Department Name: Research and Graduate Services


This project will study the fatigue, damping and impact properties of textile composites, as part of collaborative, interdisciplinary activities between six UK and US universities. Materials under consideration include thermoset 2D braids (carbon/glass hybrid with epoxy), thermoplastic 2D braids (carbon/aramid pre-impregnated with PA/TPU matrix), and 3D angle interlock weaves (also pre-impregnated thermoplastic tapes).Work at Cranfield will investigate experimentally damage initiation and fatigue properties of damaged composites under novel transient tests and damping properties of undamaged and damaged composites. Experimental optimization of composite parameters (braiding angle, plaque thickness, ratio of carbon/glass tows) for fatigue and damping properties will be undertaken.Experimental results will be compared with experimental results from both the UK and US partners.Predictive 3D unit cell FE models developed by the University of Nottingham and analytical and FE models developed by the US partner will be validated for novel transient tests by comparison with Cranfield experimental results.


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Endruweit A (2010) Analysis of Compressibility and Permeability of Selected 3D Woven Reinforcements in Journal of Composite Materials