Investigation of spectral properties of q-difference operators

Lead Research Organisation: Cardiff University
Department Name: Computer Science


The project is to develop further recent work of the applicants with theVF on the spectral theory of q-difference operators. These operators have some properties that are seen in both differential and difference operators but also have entirely new charecteristics.We have comenced a research programme that studies the eigenvaluebranches and other spectral questions for these operators (see case for suport) and we request travel funds for two one month visits to Cardiff for the VF to further this research.


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Brown B (2008) Spectral Properties of a q-Sturm-Liouville Operator in Communications in Mathematical Physics

Description new spectral properties which seem to be a feature of this type of operator
Exploitation Route It would be interesting to see the class of operators that have these properties
Sectors Electronics

Description The outputs have been used as the b axis for academic talks
First Year Of Impact 2004
Sector Electronics
Impact Types Cultural

Description q difference operators 
Organisation Copenhagen University Hospital
Country Denmark 
Sector Hospitals 
PI Contribution joint work of the team and of the visitor (Dr Christionson)
Collaborator Contribution joint work
Impact paper as detailed