UK Turbulence Consortium

Lead Research Organisation: University of Southampton
Department Name: Faculty of Engineering & the Environment


An expanded turbulence consortium is proposed to investigate many aspects of the turbulence problem using numerical simulations. These include simulations of fundamental turbulent flows, as well as applications such as human airways, flow control for drag reduction and engineering predictions of practical configurations. Most of this work is already funded, by EPSRC or other sources, and in all cases the projects have qualified and available staff in place to complete them. This application is for: (a) a core allocation of high-performance computer (HPC) time to enable consortium members to carry out simulations of world-leading quality, (b) central support for this work, located at the Daresbury Laboratory, to enable code optimisation, data management and porting of codes to new HPC platforms, as necessary, and (c) travel money for regular meeting of the consortium together with a Workshop in the final year, to enable members to interact more closely. Aspects of this include sharing of simulation data and technical expertise, and development of new collaborative research projects.


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