Adventurous Chemistry at York

Lead Research Organisation: University of York
Department Name: Chemistry


Chemistry is a subject that allows for creativity in the production of new substances. With this proposal the Department of Chemistry at York wishes to develop completely new materials, which-if successful-would have incredible new properties. 1.. The use of enzymes for silicon chemistry. Carbon is the fundamental building block of life and biological molecules. Enzymes, the catalysts in one's body are able to transform molecules containing carbon. We intend to use a set of enzymes to perform chemical reactions not with carbon, but with silicon, an element which is related to carbon but whose properties are significantly different. If we can realise this, then we could produce brand new matreials. 2.. Artificial neurons. Nature often gives inspiration to chemists for the design of new materials. Here we wish to prepare new materials which model neurons, the basic information carriers in the brain. Using tiny pieces of gold, known as nanoparticles, we wish to construct artificial neurons that, like your brain, will carry and learn information.