The North East Regional e-Science Centre

Lead Research Organisation: Newcastle University
Department Name: Computing Sciences


The North East Regional e-Science Centre was created in 2001 to advance work on e-science and grid computing in the North East of England. It has developed a particular focus on the design and exploitation of middleware for virtual organisations, and data-intensive e-science. This approach has been successful, and has resulted in the award of over 11M of e-science-related research funding.This proposal is to allow the Centre to continue and develop its work. This would allow it to continue to carry out high-quality research, both in the core computer science that underpins e-science infrastructure, and also in the application of this infrastructure to advance application science. It would also allow it continue to operate as focus for e-science in the North East, providing advice and guidance to both industry and academics working in the area. This includes the deployment of a persistent grid infrastructure to support their work. Finally, it would allow NEReSC to continue to contribute to and influence national & international community activities in e-science and grid computing.


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Company Name Inkspot Science Ltd 
Description Inkspot hosts scientific software as services to support research, collaboration and commercialisation by scientists active in any area of science, in any part of the world. Inkspot provides secure hosting for specialised content. 
Year Established 2007 
Impact Now in use in major pharmaceutical company.