Spin-coherent transport and control in quantum nanostructures ESF FoNE CPR which is coordinated by Lancaster and includes 4 other teams from the EU

Lead Research Organisation: Lancaster University
Department Name: Physics


This project is a part of ESF FoNE CPR 'SpiCo' which aims to investigate spin-dependent coherent transport in mesoscale semiconductor systems and search for methods to control electron spin states in quantum dots and wires of new materials aiming to develop a viable approach to scalable quantum information processing.Further progress towards the control of spin requires understanding of spin dynamics and kinetic processes in quantum nanostructures on the fundamental level and their interplay with quantum transport characteristics in a broad range of materials (such as InAs-based quantum wells and wires, ferromagnetic semiconductors). Within SpiCo, we aim (a) to develop schemes for determining spin-related material parameters in new materials and structures (g-factor, spin-orbit coupling strength) via transport measurements; (b) to develop theory of electron spin dynamics, de-coherence and relaxation in quantum dot and double-dot semiconductor spin qubits; and (c) to find conditions for incoherent and coherent transfer of spin in nano/micro- circuits and methods of detection of spin currents.