PPE:Making the Future - Introducing advanced manufacturing technology to the general public

Lead Research Organisation: Heriot-Watt University
Department Name: Sch of Engineering and Physical Science


Making the Future is a workshop which allows individuals to design and manufacture three-dimensional objects using a haptic interface and a subtractive rapid prototyping machine tool.In a typical session an individual will be able to choose from a set of basic solid shapes. These virtual clay solids can then be modified or reformed by a touch and mould process based upon a hand operated computer toolset. By the end of the session the complete compent will have been produced. The member of the public will have created an object of their own choice and witnessed its manufacture by an integrated manufacturing system.This experience will improve their understanding of the flexibility of shape and form that can be produced on modern manufacturing systems. It will give them an appreciation of further developments which will be available in the future as well as revealing the creativity required of engineering designers.


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