PPE: Sensational EvoFIT

Lead Research Organisation: University of Stirling
Department Name: Psychology


The project aims to provide an installation of a simplified version of the EPSRC-funded EvoFIT face generation system at the Sensation Science Centre in Dundee. EvoFIT is designed to help a witness to a crime to generate a likeness of the face of the person they saw. This in general is a very difficult task, because it is hard to recall details of a face. EvoFIT works by presenting a number of possible faces and asking the user to select those most like that target. Rather than asking for recall, the system relies on our much better abilities of recognition. The system has been shown to work significantly better than traditional feature based photo-composite programs.Sensation is a science centre in Dundee, which has our five senses and the way they work as an overarching theme. The new display would demonstrate aspects of our visual memory: how it is not as good as we might think and how technology can help us to remember. Users would first see a short video of a staged crime and then be guided through the process of making a likeness of the person they saw, using a simplified version of EvoFIT, driven by a touch-sensitive screen. Outside the booth, there would be explanations of the underlying technology. EvoFIT uses a model of the natural variations in facial appearance: the display would illustrate some of these variations and how they may be combined to give a particular face. The display would also explain EvoFIT's evolutionary mechanism, demonstrating the similarity to animal breeding, for example selecting for particular features in a dog. Evaluation of the project will involve Sensation's well tried procedures, which involves end users, in particular a Junior Board of 10-14 year olds, from the start of a new installation through to its final unveiling to the public. Subsequent monitoring of reactions of visitors will be carried out over the remaining six months of the project.


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