Enzyme Responsive Materials for Biology and Medicine

Lead Research Organisation: University of Strathclyde
Department Name: Pure and Applied Chemistry


This proposal is to develop new routes to rationally designed Enzyme Responsive Materials (ERMs) for biomedical applications. These materials can change properties, for example they can swell/collapse or change from a solution to a gel in response to biochemical reactions. These materials may have applications in the controlled release of drugs in response to disease specific enzymes. They may also be used in triggered assembly of matrixes for cell growth, with applications in tissue engineering. The outcomes of this project will be (i) the development and full characterisation of new interactive biomaterials, (ii) increased fundamental understanding of structure/function relationships in molecular hydrogels, (iii) proof of concept applications in enzyme triggered assembly of scaffolds for 3D cell culture and (iv) enzyme triggered drug delivery.
Description - enzyme-responsive polymer hydrogels for controlled release of proteins. Developed methodology to match polymer functionality with protein payload. Developed two-photon microscopy to monitor controlled release.
- demonstrated ability to control and direct supramolecular self-assembly under kinetic control using enzymatic reactions to direct the assembly.
Exploitation Route Our biocatalytic self-assembly approaches are now applied in development of new therapeutics where disease specific enzymes trigger release of therapeutics.
Sectors Chemicals

URL http://www.ulijnlab.com