WORKSHOP: UK Mathematics-In-Medicine Study Groups 2005-2007

Lead Research Organisation: University of Nottingham


What is it about maggots that makes them good at wound healing? What are the best experimental conditions for engineering bone tissue in the laboratory? How do plaques form in blood vessels and can we predict when they are likely to rupture? What causes curvature of the spine in children and how can surgery be used to minimise its effect?The above questions illustrate the types of problems that can be studied by teams of mathematicians working in partnership with biologists and clinicians. The aim of this proposal is to organise a series of multidisciplinary meetings (mathematics-in-medicine study groups) and workshops at which mathematicians, biologists and clinicians collaborate on similar important biomedical problems. As a result we hope to promote the application of mathematical modelling to issues of medical importance and to ensure that the UK maintains a leading role in this rapidly developing field.


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