Advances in Continuum Mechanics: The Nonlinear Deformation of Solids

Lead Research Organisation: Durham University
Department Name: Engineering and Computing Sciences


All matter deforms under load. Engineers predict such deformations through detailed analyses drawing upon fundamental scientific principles in order to design the extraordinary structures and components that shape our lives (be they civil aircraft, cable-stayed bridges or artificial hips). Calculations of this kind depend crucially upon a sound mathematical basis. Lightweight composite materials, highly deformable (rubber-like) polymers and living tissues, for example, pose new challenges to the analyst. While all engineers undergo training in applied mathematics, there is a need for instruction at a higher level for engineering researchers. The Durham Summer School will offer a body of up to 60 UK postgraduate students the chance to develop their skills in the area of advanced continuum mechanics, which forms the basis of powerful computer-based simulation methods used by engineers to determine complex stress fields, material deformations and potential rupture modes.The 7-day School will take the form of a series of focussed lectures from leading mathematicians and specialist engineers, plus more informal tutorial sessions designed to help students understand and practice the advanced techniques.


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