Super-sonic communication

Lead Research Organisation: University of Salford
Department Name: Unlisted


I have shown an ability to convey current acoustics research to diverse, non-specialist audiences in an engaging way, either face-to-face or through the media. To take two examples, I was a finalist at Famelab and I have lectured at the Royal Institution to school pupils. Sound is a common theme within all forms of media, whether that be reviews of the latest IPod technology in newspapers, or discussions of how to deal with noisy anti-social behaviour on TV news. Sound also features on the school curriculum at all key stages. So, sound is an ideal theme for this fellowship, because it can enrich the general public's understanding of the connections between their everyday experiences, and engineering and science. It is also an ideal subject for inspiring the next generation of engineers. While my main interest is sound, I have an interest in conveying more general engineering and science to a wider audience. So far, my media work has been mostly reactive, with a couple of examples of successful proactive activities. The fellowship proposal is for a series of proactive activities targeted at local and national media, to give me the opportunity of explaining engineering and science to a larger audience.


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Cox T (2008) Scraping sounds and disgusting noises in Applied Acoustics

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Czigler I (2007) Event-related potential study to aversive auditory stimuli. in Neuroscience letters