Invert - A Centre for Imaging Science

Lead Research Organisation: University of Bath
Department Name: Electronic and Electrical Engineering


Invert - a Centre for Imaging Science will take a national and international lead in developing applications of tomographic imaging and inversion problems arising from investigations of the natural world.The vision is to establish a group conducting fundamental research that has societal impact / in particular in climate-change modelling and in automatic diagnosis in medicine. The unique speciality of Invert will be the fusion of models with tomographic images. This will facilitate a step change in the way that tomographic images are used, i.e. images will be used directly with physics and physiological models without the intermediate step of human interpretation. The goal is to 'reverse engineer' from the images to reveal the underlying processes in physics and physiology.Invert will also act as a focal point to unify the UK's tomographic imaging community and promote the reputation of the UK's tomography research at an international level. The computational and intellectual facilities of the centre will be accessible to external academics and researchers. The facility will also enable business to access core expertise in the form of consultancy and research projects.
Description Technology transfer to companies.
First Year Of Impact 2010
Sector Electronics
Impact Types Economic,Policy & public services

Description SEIGG
Geographic Reach Multiple continents/international 
Policy Influence Type Membership of a guideline committee
Impact Protection from Space Weather