International Working Groups for CFD Validation

Lead Research Organisation: University of Liverpool
Department Name: School of Engineering


The CFD laboratory at the University of Liverpool has an established activity in computational aerodynamics and fluid mechanics with significant contributions to the development and application of CFD methods. CFD requires experimental data for validation of models used in conjunction with conservation laws. As the fidelity, complexity and sophistication of CFD increases, pressure is put on experimentalists to produce results suitable for CFD validation. Due to the cost, difficulty and facilities required such data can be better obtained during collaborative projects where people with different skills come together and contribute their expertise. This happens to a great extend in EC projects and international efforts.It is vital for the CFD lab of Liverpool to have access to such data sets. With the above in mind, the CFD lab is requesting support from EPSRC to participate in the the meetings and workshops of three international project: DESIDER, HART II Workshops and AVT-113.


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