Contact evolution based fretting fatigue prediction

Lead Research Organisation: University of Nottingham
Department Name: Research and Graduate Services


The design of complex couplings and connections against failure is a key topic for the optimisation of key mechanical transmissions components, which represents a vital challenge for the sustained competitiveness of the British aerospace and power generation industry. The difficulties associated with gaining access to the intimate contacting regions of such components provides an opportunity for computational modelling and predictive techniques. This project will bring about a quantum leap in the application of modelling techniques to the design of engineering contact connections through the consolidation of a number of different techniques. The key techniques that will be incorporated in the tool to be developed are: (i) finite element based modelling of material removal due to fretting wear action, (ii) asymptotic solutions for characterising the multiaxial stress states for cracking prediction at sharp contact edges and steep contact stress gradients, (iii) the use of multiaxial representative testing techniques for obtaining cycle-dependent frictional contact data(iv) a combined wear-fatigue prediction technique to provide a fretting fatigue damage parameter that captures the effects of slip amplitude.The tool will be applied to realistic three-dimensional demonstrator components and validated against existing test data from previous EPSRC-funded work.


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