Electron Microemulsions in Correlated Quantum Systems - Visiting Researcher

Lead Research Organisation: University of Cambridge
Department Name: Physics


In recent years, it has become apparent that the phase behaviour of strongly correlated electron liquids very often involves the formation of electron microemulsions (ME). The aim of the present proposal is to facilitate the expoloration of ME phase phenomena through the support of the visit of Prof. Spivak. Several applications are discussed ranging from ME formation in layered systems to micro-domain formation in manganites. Keywords: Quantum fluids and solids, strongly correlated systems, mesoscopic physics


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Description We have generated new insights into the physics of strongly correlated electron systems, with particular application to high mobility semi-conductors.
Exploitation Route Results are accessible through scientific publications.
Sectors Education,Electronics

Description This project was to support the visit of Prof. Boris Spivak from Seattle to the Cavendish where we collaborated on a project on electron microemulsion-like phases. This work led to the formulation of new directions of research.
First Year Of Impact 2007
Sector Education
Impact Types Societal