Optimising molecular architectures for heterogeneous catalysis in nanoporous solids

Lead Research Organisation: University of Edinburgh
Department Name: Sch of Engineering


This discipline hopping proposal will allow the collaborators to move freely between Edinburgh and York on a part time basis over an initial two-year period, with a view to learning about each other's research expertise and developing a longer term focussed collaborative program. The general target is to develop green and sustainable catalysts for use in the liquid phase synthesis of fuels and fine and speciality chemicals. The project will involve the transfer of key skills in catalyst synthesis and characterisation equipment at York which will significantly enhance the engineer's (Tina Dren) understanding of heterogeneous catalysis and broaden her research expertise. This is a completely new field for her, which would not be easily available without the discipline hop. Likewise, the chemist (Karen Wilson) will gain access to Edinburgh's expertise in molecular simulation and gas phase adsorption facilities, providing hands on experience of how simulations can be used to model liquid and gas diffusion in porous media which will improve her ability to design new catalytic materials. There is limited understanding in the heterogeneous catalysis and green chemistry fields about liquid diffusion through nanoporous channels, hence the ultimate aim of this project will be to develop new, well -defined templated mesoporous catalysts, and to gain insight into the diffusional characteristics of liquid phase reactants through the porous media.


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