Bounds on Site Selection and Configuration for Cellular Communication Networks

Lead Research Organisation: Cardiff University
Department Name: Computer Science


Wireless networks have become an essential and established part of modern society. These networks require the siting and configuration of transmitters (base stations) that provide service coverage and network capacity. However, the problem of determining the correct locations and the many ways to configure each transmitter at each site is a diffcult problem both to accurately model and to solve. Mathematically it is important to determine so-called lower and upper bounds. Lower bounds provide information on the set of minimum requirements for network operation, while upper bounds are particular instances of network solutions. If thelower and upper bounds match each other a gauranteed optimal network is obtained.This project is aimed at eliminating the lack of methodolgy and techniques for deteriming upper and lower bounds for the comtemporary cell planning problem. The research will permit both the optimality of existing and new networks to be assessed and potentially enhanced.


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Whitaker R (2009) Efficient Offline Coverage and Load Evaluation for CDMA Network Modeling in IEEE Transactions on Vehicular Technology