Multipass Rheometer Development (Multi-Project Equipment Grant)

Lead Research Organisation: University of Cambridge
Department Name: Chemical Engineering and Biotechnology


This multi project equipment proposal is concerned with the Improvement of a unique precision processing apparatus known as a Multipass Rheometer (MPR). The MPR has been developed within the Polymer Fluids Groups over the last ten years and there are now three machines at Cambridge and 4 worldwide. The apparatus provides precision processing and rheology data for complex fluids that can for example be used to validate high level numerical modelling.Currently the Cambridge MPRs are used for a number of projects funded by the EPSRC and other sources. They are also used in conjunction with research groups within and outside the UK. In order to improve the precision and scope of existing projects and also strengthen a world class facility, it is now realised that an electronic upgrade of the Cambridge MPRs is essential. This will improve the quality of existing project data and also increase the likelihood of further projects and possibly external orders for the machine. The Cambridge machines need to be upgraded from anologue to digital control and this proposal would achieve that objective and enable the machines to be used on a number of EPSRC and other projects carried out by a broad range of users. The upgrade would provide improved quality of data and help maintain the machine Internationally at the forefront of precision processing technology.


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