SONSEUROCORES-Supramolecular Materials for new functional structures - SUPRAMATES

Lead Research Organisation: University of Cambridge
Department Name: Physics


This project is aimed to bring advanced materials synthesis and processing of 'supramolecular materials' together with measurements of electronic structure and properties, and their exploitation in semiconductor devicess. Within the consortium, there is activity on the development of supramolecularly-organised structures for transistors (molecular- and meso-scale), in-plane diodes single-photon emitters (useful for quantum cryptography), as well as photovoltaic cells and light-emitting diodes (LEDs). This European consortium comprises groups with the necessary breadth of expertise. The Cambridge activities are directed towards materials processing, electronic properties and semiconductor device fabrication and measurement.
Description This Eurocores grant allowed collaboration with leading supramolecular chemistry groups in Europe. The primary outputs from this grant were the studies of a novel polyisocyanide-peptide-conjugated semiconductor structures, developed at the University of Nijmegen, in which the conjugated semiconducting molecules are held in coupled stacks. Studies of exciton transport and efforts to study intra-polymer-stack heterojunctions resulted from this project
Exploitation Route this project has enabled some long term European collaborations to be developed
Sectors Electronics,Energy

Description This was a basic research project that produced new understanding of supramolecular semiconductor materials
First Year Of Impact 2009
Sector Education,Electronics