EPSRC Workshop on Unconventional Computing

Lead Research Organisation: University of the West of England
Department Name: Faculty of Environment and Technology


Unconventional computing is a field of advanced computer science, whose general goal might be summarised as the quest for both new groundbreaking algorithms and physical implementations of novel and ultimately more powerful / compared to classical approaches / computing paradigms and machines. This workshop will bring together work that focuses on non-traditional theoretical constructions, experimental prototypes and genuine implementations of non-classical computing devices. A further goal is to revisit existing approaches in unconventional computing, to provide scientists and engineers with blue-prints of realisable computing devices, and to take a critical glance at the design of novel and emergent computing systems to point out failures and shortcomings of both theoretical and experimental approaches. The workshop will make an incredibly strong impact on the development of emerging and novel computing paradigms and architectures world-wide, and put the UK at the leading level of research in non-classical computing systems.


10 25 50
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A Adamatzky (2007) Unconventional Computing 2007