Reverse Engineering the Human System Next generation artificial vision systems.

Lead Research Organisation: Imperial College London
Department Name: Electrical and Electronic Engineering


The aim of this project is to bring about the smooth transition to other modes of funding of the activity performed under the Basic Technology grant Reverse engineering the human vision system: next generation artificial vision systems . This project finishes in March 2007. The proposed application is for a transition period of 4 years over which 5 of the current RAs active in the project will be retained and moved between sub-projects for maximum efficiency in completing the various tasks, using a total of 120 manmonths. The 5 RAs have complementary expertise, in robotics, sensor development, hardware, physiology and mathematics.The research that will be pursued under the proposed grant will concentrate on three main lines of activity that have been identified as most promising from among our current activities:1) The development of sensors and retinal models that explore novel architectures of imaging and combine organic with inorganic sensors.2) The development of the surgical robot demonstrator that exploits characteristics of the human eye to enhance and improve a system of robotic assisting surgery.3) The enhancement of the generic vision platform we have developed by incorporating in it motion modules with application to body language analysis and face recognition in real time, combining software and hardware in a generic unified framework that incorporates characteristic of the human vision system.


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