Nanoscale Re-writable Non-Volatile Polymer Memory Arrays

Lead Research Organisation: De Montfort University
Department Name: Engineering


The aim of the First Grant proposal is to explore a novel method of fabricating nano-memory arrays or chips of polymer memory devices. The proposed chip is to be structured according to a cross-bar architecture and the individual devices will be prepared by depositing a blend of a polymer material and small organic molecules between two metal electrodes. These devices show two electrical conductance states when voltage is applied. These two states can then be utilised in non-volatile memory devices. The current-voltage (I-V) characteristics of these memory devices generally exhibit bi-stability, which is exploited for thw essential function of memory devices. The aim of the proposed programme is to improve upon the various shortcomings that plague the field currently and realise viable polymer memory devices, which can then be assembled into a cost efficient and high storage capacity memory chip. For the fabrication of the memory arrays in the nano-scale the stamping technique will be used.


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