Follow On: Electromagnetic BandGap Enhanced Active Conical Horn Antenna Arrays

Lead Research Organisation: Queen Mary University of London


This project aims to design and manufacture a prototype demonstrator of millimetric radio front-end based on the core technology previously developed under EPSRC grant GR/R16945. These will be targeted at massproduced, low cost consumer products such as automotive radar in the 79GHz radio band. In doing this, we intend to demonstrate the robustness of the business case for millimetric radio systems using the electromagnetic bandgap (EBG) enhanced active conical horn technology.The millimeter wave spectrum at 30-300 GHz is of increasing interest because of the wide bandwidths available. However, as the existing technology is expensive and complex, the business case for mass-produced consumer products is currently very weak. The proposed project will overcome this by developing a cost-effective integrated solution. We therefore intend to capitalise on this potential growing market by developing a robust business plan as a result of this additional work package to drive future business growth and, by working through an external consultancy, develop links into key markets that can exploit this technology for the benefit of the UK.


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