Mathematic modelling and computational methods in solid mechanics

Lead Research Organisation: University of Glasgow
Department Name: Civil Engineering


Computational Solid Mechanics provides practical tools for the simulation of complex problems. These tools, with unprecedented predictive powers, have had an enormous impact on modern society, including manufacturing, transportation, defence, communication and medicine. Computational Solid Mechanics provides a sound framework with which to explore extremes of conditions or size and to bridge material responses across multiple scales. The challenge in Computational Solid Mechanics is to deliver a solution that is accurate, numerically stable and achieved in a computationally efficient manner. This is only possible by ensuring that the underlying mathematical framework is sound and well understood; a lack of mathematical understanding can act as a significant barrier to advances in solid mechanics research. This one week Summer School has been designed to address the perceived gap in the mathematical knowledge of engineers, to provide an intensive learning experience for postgraduate engineers and provide an opportunity for interaction and discussion by PhD students from all over the UK. It will provide training in mathematical modelling and computational methods that will be delivered by leading academics via lectures and more informal tutorial sessions designed to help participants understand and practice what they have been taught.


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